• Spectacled Warbler


Scientific name
Sylvia conspicillata orbitalis (Wahlberg, 1854)

Taxonomic Status
Endemic Subspecies to Macaronesia

Red Data Book Status

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  • Identification

Small and delicate warbler with brownish plumage and orangey-brown wings. The male has blue-grey head and white throat and abdomen. Female has brown head and back.

  • Voice

Song is fast with intervals of “trrr-trrrr-trrrrr”

  • Ecology

Their nests are made on the inside the bushes mainly Gorse Ulex europeus that protect them from the predators. The specie is very selective in the habitat preferring habitats such as open areas with predominantly non-native species. Their diet is mainly composed by insects.

  • Distribution

The specie breeds in the Western Palearctic especially in the Mediterranean and in the Atlantic islands. The subspecies orbitalis is endemic to Macaronesia. In Madeira archipelago the species breeds in Madeira and Porto Santo Islands. 


The specie was first confirmed in Porto Santo in 2001.


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Madeira Island © Birds & Company


March 2012 - Madeira Island © Birds & Company

  • Literature

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